A JillyJilly.co.uk Update

A JillyJilly.co.uk Update

It's been a while since we've made any major changes to the website but since we've been busy working on other things the list of ideas for improvements has been growing. This year we've updated our product photos and been improving our listings. Now we've finally found time to make the changes we wanted to our website!

If you head to JillyJilly.co.uk you'll notice our lovely lifestyle photos by Fairytale Asylum Photography dotted around. We've got a nice new page for Our Story and a brand new Studio page where you'll find some behind the scenes photos and a little more information about how we make our products.

A big new section is Collections where we'll be keeping a portfolio of part and present designs. We've also added Reviews which includes Etsy feedback and some customer photos. It's great to let potential customers see what existing customers have said about us but I love reading them too! There's also a fab new Friends of JillyJilly section with links to some of our favourite businesses. Finally, we've added Product Care and Gift Wrapping which have useful info for ordering. I hope you like the changes, we'd love to hear your feedback!

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