Collection Spotlight // Those Who Make & Sew

Collection Spotlight // Those Who Make & Sew

We are so excited about the launch of our latest collections. The original drawings for these had been in my sketchbook for ages just waiting to be turned into finished designs and filled with pretty colours. After the success of our Good Things Come to Those Who Bake collection I'd been thinking about other possibilities for 'good things' designs. The obvious one for me was 'make' or 'create' as I knew it was something I would buy as a designer-maker! It was really tricky deciding which objects to include in it as there's so many creative tools and materials but I think there's a good balance in the end. I wanted a bright colour palette which included a fuchsia or maybe some jewel tones and ended up having a browse on Design Seeds. This is one of my new favourite inspirational online places! I've been following on Instagram for a while now, everything is just so dreamy.

Lots of you had been requesting a sewing themed illustration so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to develop 'Those who Sew'. The main inspiration for our new sewing design was a colour palette from the fabulous RockingStitch, I just love Barbara's branding colours! 

You'll notice a cute new font along with a sweet heart shape print. At the moment these designs are only available in mugs, prints and pocket mirrors. You'll find out why soon as we'll hopefully have some news about new suppliers. If you head over to our Facebook or Instagram you'll see we have some giveaways running until Friday if you'd like to enter. We're really happy with how the new designs turned out and hope you love them too!

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