Fairytale Asylum Photography

Fairytale Asylum Photography

Last month we had our first ever lifestyle photo shoot with the wonderful Emma of Fairytale Asylum Photography. The photos are part of our plan for an improved website which we'll be sharing more about next week. Since we've never had a photo shoot before we were more than happy to leave it up to Emma to decide what would work best. We were looking for pics for our bio of us together plus in the studio. Emma suggested we went out for a walk for a relaxed feel so we went through the Falkland Estate which is where all the outdoor photos were taken. Afterwards we set up in the studio for some shots of us "working" in our natural environment.

I'm so pleased with the photographs (we both are) and really excited to be sharing them with you. We can't wait to get some added to the website - just need to choose which fit best! We're both usually super awkward when having a camera pointed at us so Emma has done a fantastic job capturing these shots.

We're really looking forward to share more behind the scenes stuff as the business grows as this is what makes us unique and one of the reasons we hope you choose to shop at JillyJilly rather than a big faceless big company.

Thank you very much to Emma, check out her website and blog to see more of her brilliant work.

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