JillyJilly Q&A

JillyJilly Q&A

Time for a little business Q&A. We popped up a request for any questions you'd like answered in celebration of our third business birthday so now I'll go ahead and do my best to answer them!

Q. Has it been a challenge to run your business?
A. Yes! It's constantly a challenge with different hurdles popping up all the time. You never stop learning and problem solving, and often it's just when you think you have the hang of something that the goal posts change (I'm looking at you social media!). Looking back, we had a very easy start as it was before all the restrictive algorithms and advertising but now it's harder than ever to have our business seen.

Q. What's your proudest achievement as a business owner?
A. I'm not sure I can pick one, I'm so proud of our work being stocked in such lovely shops but also seeing your product in a magazine is pretty amazing! Most recently being chosen as an Etsy Mentor was an achievement I never expected.

Q. How do you keep your workload organised?

A. If you ask David he'll tell you I don't! I try but it is hard to juggle when it's so much a part of your life and you can't switch off from it like from a regular job. I do try and split my week into a routine as such, with dedicated time for planning short term, working on long term goals, developing new designs and of course making and packing orders.

Q. How did your studio space evolve?

A. We started out with a desk in the corner of the living room with lots of storage below! We were lucky to have a spare bedroom in our next home which I took over as the studio. I think you can make any space work if you keep everything tidy and organised. Often I get comments on photos of my workspace along the lines of "how do you keep it so tidy!?", the answer being that it has to be or I'd never find anything which wastes SO much time.

Q. What's the hardest thing you've had to overcome in running your business?

A. Fear of failure and confidence in my own work... I'm still working on it though. I'm not sure if it's something that'll ever go away in that it's part of who I am and is a common issue with creatives.

Q. How do you manage your social media?

A. I don't feel I do it well, but I have a list of prompts on the wall to remind me of what to post on days when I'm feeling uninspired. Often I'll take a batch of photos on a quiet day which are edited and ready to post on busy days.

Q. Do you ever wish you worked in a busy office environment?

A. I do miss being around people in some ways but also I'm very easily distracted! I try and meet other small biz friends for coffee regularly which makes a big difference when working from home on your own. 

Q. How do you stay motivated with being your own boss?
A. David is really great at keeping me motivated, but also if I'm feeling unmotivated I try and remind myself of what I've achieved and will take a look at our reviews on Etsy where customers say such lovely things.

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