Photo a Day Fortnight # 2

Photo a Day Fortnight # 2

after: our new product photos are so much more fun than the 'befores'! // hobby: photography is my favourite hobby and one of the reasons why I like to keep a blog and try photo challenges // textthis is the mug I made for my sister's 21st "21 things I love about you" soon to be available to order

private: my sketchbooks are private until I'm happy with the designs then I might share a peek on Instagram // hand-drawn: a preview of some doodles for new collections // sun-flare: captured while I was back in Aberdeen // leaves: this wrapping paper is so cute, a present from Daisy to Amy!

too much: is there such a thing as too much deco tape..? // a treasure: one of our all time best selling Bottled Treasures // halfhalf of our heart shaped logo on a business card

I love...: these two dafties // something white: we always have lots of blank mugs in the studio waiting to be printed to order // give:yummy chocolate, one to give to David of course // zen: one of my favourite quotes which reminds me to let go and enjoy life

This is my 2nd 'Photo a Day Fortnight' post and I'm actually quite proud of sticking to the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge for 4 weeks. It might seem silly but it's the longest I've ever managed! Of course I've ruined it by falling behind and skipping my fifth week but to be fair we had an Easter promotion on so the shop has been extra busy. I'll get back to it this week though! During the fortnight above we spent some time back in Aberdeen for my sister's 21st Birthday, which was really nice, then had a busy week of catching up after the time off. Next week we're off to York so I'm looking forward to having some more photography time and hopefully enjoying lots of sunshine.

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