Photo a Day Fortnight #3

Photo a Day Fortnight #3

a shape: round confetti and polkadots brighten up the studio // beauty: my favourite beauty product is nail polish // breakfast: strawberries for our breakfast smoothies this week, perfect for sunny mornings!

inspired: pretty books keep me inspired, never enough time to read them properly but great to pick up and flick through // dark: when it's dark look for stars notebook // this smells so good: bath time treats // something green: green signs pointing out the beautiful sights in York

 paper: beautiful paper from Paper Pod in York // up: Looking up at York Minster // dinner: what's for dinner? our free meal planner printable in action
where I work: I love my desk! The studio is a happy place // an ordinary moment: time for tea, in a JillyJilly mug of course // fluffy: our fluffy little friend // together: yummy ice cream we ate together in York

It's been a busy fortnight (well, three weeks... week 14 photos didn't happen!) and this post is late but that's partly due to us catching up with work after spending a week in York. My brother came to stay before that and we had some beautiful weather, did a bit of gardening and caught up with my Grandparents who were lovely enough to Daisy sit while we were away. If you'd like to hear what we got up to in York, then look out for a post about our trip in the next few days!

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