Vegan Dundee

Vegan Dundee

I'm so excited to announce the launch of Vegan Dundee, a little side project I've been working on with my friend Falda. Vegan Dundee is a lifestyle blog featuring all of the new and exciting vegan friendly places around the city. We'll be writing about restaurants, cafes & coffee shops as well as events and beauty. There's also a little 'Outside Dundee' category which allows us to include any places from our travels around the UK. We've made every effort to create an easy to navigate system with places searchable by category, on a map or by A-Z.

Since moving to Dundee at the end of last year we'd been having weekly catch-ups which involved lots of vegan cake. Falda already has her blog Falda Eats (which is about encouraging a sustainable life that focuses on achieving health and happiness) and although I'm super busy with JillyJilly I do love a chance to play at food photography! It made perfect sense for us to work together on this and would give us the excuse to start investigating what vegan delights Dundee has to offer. We already have a list of around 50 places we've heard have vegan options so it may take us some time to get around them all!

Do pop over and check it out, would love to hear what you think and if there's anywhere in particular you think we should feature. We're also on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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And the fad will fade like the tide pod challenge! Its unhealthy and no vegan can ever sustatin as meat eaters can!

Mike - Apr 24, 2018

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