Your Home Magazine Feature

Your Home Magazine Feature

I've been waiting ages to share this news... Our house has been featured in the October issue of Your Home magazine!!

This started way back when we moved and Alison of the Great Scottish Indoors got in touch after Rachel Henderson recommended our wee cottage. Of course, we had moved to a new house at this point and hadn't even unpacked properly, let alone made it our own, so I thought we'd have to pass up on the opportunity! Lucky for me Alison said to send over some pics once we'd finished part of the house and so the photoshoot was organised for March.

It's so strange to see our house in a magazine, especially with it being so budget and a mish-mash of DIY and hand-me-downs. I'm so glad I'm able to show an affordable alternative for interiors, making the most of old furniture, freebies, charity shop finds and upcycling. 

Thank you so much to Alison and Douglas Gibb photography!

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